Who is the Coupon Fairy?

Welcome to VA Coupon Queen!  We’ve been bringing savings to you from Central VA since 2012!  My father-in-law taught me how to coupon in 2011 before my husband and I were married.  After refining my skills and coupon lingo, I decided to share my knowledge with others.  After all, couponing is something everyone can enjoy!


Here at VA Coupon Queen, we encourage readers to be a coupon fairy.  A coupon fairy is a person who leaves savings wherever they go to spread wealth and good cheer.  Whenever you go into a store, if you have coupons you don’t want or aren’t going to use, leave them on the shelf for the next person!  This will encourage more people to use coupons and help educate them on all the benefits of using coupons.  Extreme Couponing has given couponers a bad rap as being shelf clearers, using fraudulent coupons, and being hoarders.  We here at VA Coupon Queen want to change that perception!  Join our mission to change noncouponers’ beliefs and to become a coupon fairy.


So now you can answer the question, “Who is the coupon fairy?”

My dear reader, YOU are the coupon fairy!